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      HALO Delicious Collection e-juice, 10ml


      HALO e-juice collection.10ml. Brought to you buy

      Halo Blue Series E-Liquid Quality, Flavor, and Selection is a premium e liquid and cosidered as one of the best vape juice in USA.


      Special promotion- Enter code-"free Sample" at checkout. Get free 10ml E liquid sample of your choice - FREE.

      *US Domestic only

      *1 sample per customer.

      *Not valid with any other cuopons.

      *Limited qty, while supply last

      There’s a good reason why our vape juices are so popular.

      HALO E liquid comes in many vape juice flavors.

      HALO BLUE SERIES Award winning flavors. A premium e liquid and in our openion is one of the best vape juicein US. World renowned by its quality,flavors and standards. Halo Blue Series e-liquids are a class by itself, often imitated but never duplicated.

      Each of our premium American-made e-liquids starts with quality ingredients from reputable sources. It continues with quality packaging that set the industry standard: best-by dating, trackable lot numbering, and child-resistant caps.

      Try the many vape juice flavors.The are delicious.

      But the proof is always in the tasting and flavor, and our assortment of winning tobacco, menthol, gourmet, and fruit-flavored e-liquids always delivers. With flavors for every palate, nothing can match the sheer enjoyment of our e-liquids. Try them for yourself. All of them.


      Sweet and cool brilliantly blend together to form the tranquil flavor of CoolMist. This exceptionally smooth and refreshing e-liquid provides a subtle, cooling menthol experience, perfect for mixing with other flavors or vaping on its own.

      Freedom Juice
      Let go of your inhibitions with the exhilarating taste of Freedom Juice. This mild, yet extraordinarily enticing e-liquid is reminiscent of the essence of pure, first-rate Virginia tobacco with a delightfully sweet finish.

      Kringles Curse
      A dynamic blend of peppermint e-liquid crafted to perfection, Kringle’s Curse delivers an invigorating burst of flavor in every inhale. This stimulating masterpiece provides immense vapor and a cool throat hit that offers a truly nostalgic experience.

      Menthol Ice
      Refreshing and extremely popular, this remarkably smooth e-liquid keeps you cool in any situation. Always a fan favorite, this thrilling menthol flavor provides a blast of menthol with thick, full, satisfying vapor.

      This premium tobacco flavor delivers a subtle dry sweetness with the perfect hint of cocoa on the exhale. The complex nuances of this woodsy tobacco flavor are masterfully crafted and aged to perfection.

      An e-liquid that exhibits an intense, cool mint effect more powerful than any of our other menthol flavors. With its superior vapor production and a glacier-fresh finish, you can chill with the frigid flavor of SubZero all day.

      This powerful, unfiltered tobacco flavor is formulated for those who dare to revel in the taste of a pure, bona fide tobacco experience. A premium e-liquid, free of all the complex nuances, Torque 56 delivers a monster throat hit unlike any other.

      A renowned e-liquid that stands alone among all others, Tribeca has set the industry standard with the flavor of smooth, transcendent tobacco harmoniously blended with the perfect hint of vanilla and caramel to generate an exquisite, sweet finish.

      Turkish Tobacco
      You don’t have to travel to the coast of the Black Sea to experience the lavish, mellow, sun-cured tobacco flavors of Turkish Tobacco. Both rich in history and taste, this e-liquid is the perfect choice for those seeking a mild but satisfying e-liquid.


      Subzero Pineapple
      Experience the distinguished artic chill of SubZero with a luscious lick of sweet, tropical pineapple flavor. Put your day on ice and cool yourself to your core with SubZero Pineapple.

      Tribeca Cherry
      From deep within our flavor vault, we’ve unlocked the lavish taste of Tribeca Cherry. Once you experience the smooth transcendent tobacco of Tribeca with a lush cherry finish, you’ll want to know what else we kept locked away.

      WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


      Nic mg

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